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  • What can be automatic spray
  • 2016-03-11 14:58:17

  • This is a technical process of spraying. Not primarily because spray to put the things go up how difficult, but to put the things spray evenly how difficult. This has always been plagued by the problem of the workers in the industry. But now we have a good idea, that is to use the automatic powder spraying equipment.

    Actually this is quite a good thing, and now we will tell you about the use of this equipment has establish yao benefits. The first benefit, it is can greatly improve labor efficiency. Because generally one of the workers a day also can spray a few square meters of area, but after using this tool equipment, can be in a few seconds, took more than a dozen square meters of area of spray is good.

    The second, is the use effect is good, this kind of equipment is sprayed evenly. We say, a thing of spray is good, mainly according to the spray evenly to judge the uneven and the automatic powder spraying equipment can more easily finish this work.

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